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UNIX Administration II Solaris 11


UNIX Administration II Solaris 11

This course would enable you to do the following:

   1. Custom install a Solaris 10 server.
   2. Understand the auto configuration process for adding devices.
   3. Administer remote access (ping, netstat, hosts.equiv).
   4. Setup the NFS environment to share files, systems resources across the network (mountall, shareall).
   5. Setup automounter to read automounter maps.
   6. Add, modify, and remove diskless clients.
   7. Configure the NIS environment.
   8. Configure the terminals and printers on the system.
   9. Understand and use the Solaris Syslog and Auditing Utilities.
 10. Understand the Device Administration Process.
 11. Configure the Solaris Network Environment.
 12. Understand the Solstice Adminsuite.
 13. Role Based Access Control Lists
 14. CacheFs
 15. Administer and configure the common desktop environment.
 16. Understand the Jumpstart automatic installation.

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