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IISEB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing and Quality Assurance

As the IT industry becomes more competitive, the ability for management to distinguish professional and skilled individuals in the field becomes mandatory. ISEB Foundation Certification demonstrates a foundation-level understanding of software testing and quality testing principles and practices.

CERTIFICATION(s): ISEB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing and Quality Assurance

This instructor-led course discusses the following topics:
1. What is Testing. Why Test. Testing principles. The fundamental test process. Test planning and control. Test analysis and design. Test implementation and execution. Evaluating exit criteria and reporting. Test closure. Psychology of testing. Testing and independence.
2. The V-model of testing. Iterative development models. Characteristics of good testing. Component testing. Integration testing. System testing. Acceptance testing. Alpha and Beta testing. Functional testing. Non-functional testing. Maintenance testing. Impact analysis.
3. Purpose of static testing. Peer reviews. Walkthroughs. Inspections. Static Analysis using tools. The secrets of success..
4. The standard for software test documentation (IEEE 829). Test design specification. Identifying test conditions. Test case specification. Test procedure specification. Prioritizing tests. Expected results. Black-box techniques. White-box techniques, Experienced-based techniques. Choice of technique
5. Test management

CNTLC prepares you to write the ISEB exam BH0-010 to acquire the above certification

This course would be beneficial for the following:
Everyone involved in the management or practice of software development, testing and acceptance, including users, developers, project managers and software purchasers. Managers, project managers, team leaders responsible for preparing and implementing testing policies and strategies. Business users, their representative, and analysts, who are involved in acceptance testing of new or amended systems. Developers, designers and programmers, responsible for the testing, quality, reliability and effectiveness of the systems they build. Programmers testing their programs before they are integrated into larger systems. Testers who need to know or reassess the scope and objectives of each phase of testing, or are looking to evaluate or enhance their methods and procedures for test planning, preparation, documentation and execution. Quality managers looking for an independent view on testing and its influence on quality.

DURATION : Instructor Led Saturdays from 9:00am to 5:00pm or Sundays from 12:15 to 6:30pm or 2 to 3 nights from 6pm to 9pm

COST: Instructor led $265 per course

For schedule and other enquiries, please email us at or or call us at 416-744-7739

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